Coulter and Trump, two faces of the same hate

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Recently, two main characters of American media voiced their opinions on an offensive fashion. Both expressed something unlikely to happen: the raping of American white children by illegal Mexican immigrants.

Ramiro Padilla Atondo* / A los Cuatro Vientos

This would sound plain stupid, and even fit to be disregarded, if there wasn’t a pliable part of American society listening to that hate speech. To comprehend the context of these unfortunate declarations, we should see who the main targets of this message were.

Obviously those targets are the less informed people in the United States, which are not a small number. Only somebody with no education whatsoever would be receptive to this kid of hate speech.

Lately, Donald Trump had been using Mexico as an example of all the bad things that a country has. Ann Coulter, in an interview with Jorge Ramos, said that we, Mexicans, have a defective culture that is the main reason why we are still a third world country.

Both are clear when saying that we, Mexicans, pose a threat to their country.

But, as usual, there are two sides to any story. This kind of agenda is been known to be a part of the need for a cheap applause. There’s no immigrant owned media, ergo: illegal immigrants are an easy target when somebody like “The Donald”, or Ann Coulter, needs attention.

We all know that Ann Coulter made a career promoting scandal. She made lots of money voicing the opinion of a radical minority, like the tea party.


Donald Trump is in the same league. He wants to be president, but that will never happen. What both of them represent is the ugly face of the worse part of American society, that part that refuse to open their minds and listen.

We shouldn’t be paying attention to this kind of characters that bring nothing to the real debate on immigration.

The real problem with the Coulters, Trumps, O’reillys, Dobbs, et al, is the fact that there are not real Latino voices to debate with them.

And it is not that there are no smart Latinos in the US. It is the fact that radical right-wingers don’t listen; they don’t let other voices expose their point of view.

Promoting hate is good for their projects. A great number of Americans just laugh when they listen to these buffoons. Ignorance suits them well when trying to understand these affairs. But enough is enough. In Trump’s case, it is obvious that he’s really smart about making money, but nothing else.

Coulter loves to make money by promoting scandal, but that’s all. There’s no substance to these two. Everything in their lives revolves around money. In Trump’s case, perhaps his behavior obeys to the fact that he has too much free time. There’s no other explanation to his behavior. Or was there perhaps a bad business with Mexicans?

Shame on them Mexicans.

RAMIRO PADILLA ATONDO* Ramiro Padilla born in Ensenada B.C. is the author of the books Three steps from the border, Waiting for death, Days of August. Is also author of the essay books Power society and image, Literary essays of the end of the world. Also collaborate with Sinembargo, Sdp news and cultural magazines.

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